IIP Sustainable ICT Foundation - Platform for sustainable ICT

The ICT Innovation Platform for Sustainable ICT (in Dutch: Stichting IIP Duurzame ICT) is a Netherlands alliance of universities, knowledge institutes, companies, government, NGO's and social organizations. It aims to encourage and promote sustainability within and through information and communication technology (ICT). This organization is supported by all the major universities and companies in this innovation and research field, The Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, NWO, STW and Agentschap NL.

The mission of the IIP Duurzame ICT Foundation is to stimulate sustainability in and through information and communications technology by among others facilitating scientific research, creating awareness and promoting cooperation between science, government and commerce. Research & Development areas include energy efficiency, smart grids, recycling, sustainable software, innovative (use of) materials, and (standards for) sustainable (wireless) network infrastructures.

The organization of IIP Duurzame ICT Foundation consist of an executive committee, an advisory board, a platform office and several theme based workinggroups. Also, the platform is supported by a committee of recommendation.

NWO, Agentschap NL and STW
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